Foscam Wireless Not Working I recently purchased two Foscam wireless network cameras (fi8918w) and had problems getting the wireless working until I came up with this easy solution. The solution is in the type of wireless security you have configured which I’ll explain further down the page.

Version 2.0.317.0 - Added Windows 10 Mobile support, and bug fixes. Version 2.0.323.0 - Added changing camera configuration for Foscam 8910 cameras. Version 2.0.327.0 - Improved compatibility with Foscam HD cameras. Version 2.0.417.0 - Added MJPEG URL auto-detection. Version 2.0.430.0 - Auto-hide camera function list when not in use. Improved r/Foscam - How does remote access manage to work sometimes So I have an R2 setup in a remote location and ftp'ing alarm images to a server. I know how that works reliably since it's an outgoing connection. What I was not able to setup was access to the web interface from the internet. No amount of port forwarding, ddns, and several other magic incantations worked. Unable to connect to ip cameras from remote location | AT Feb 02, 2013 Resolving FOSCAM connection dropouts

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Foscam Wireless Not Working - James Maurer

Sep 05, 2014

Configure Foscam FI9831P Wireless IP PTZ Camera for Cloud Recording, Remote Monitoring and Playback. Contents. Introduction. Step 1: Connect camera to the network and find IP address. 1.1 Connect camera to the network. 1.2 Find the Camera’s IP Address. Step 2: Configure the Camera Using the Web-based Configuration Tool. 2.1 Setup or Re Setting up Foscam FI8190W for remote access Here is how you can setup your Foscam FI8190W for remote access (and this will work for almost all web-cams). I am using a router which has the DD-WRT firmware installed on it. If you don’t have DD-WRT, your router setup will look different, but you should find pages on how to … Foscam Cameras - Google Wifi Help I first needed to update the cameras and NVR (Foscam network video recording) to work on the local network. I used the Equipment Search Tool. If you are not familiar with this, then call Foscam Support. They are very helpful and may even do it for you with remote access. Remote access not working - Home Center 2 - Smart Home