While keeping the firewall on is probably a good idea for the less tech-savvy, there may come a time where they have to turn it on and off. Here's a simple guide to help them do it on their own.

You can also replace your Mac’s software firewall with a third-party firewall, seen at the bottom of the post. Related: How to Fully Secure Your Mac with These 9 Steps. Viewing the Firewall. The firewall is found in System Preferences. We’ll navigate there, then look through the available firewall settings. While you can certainly spend money on firewall applications for your Mac—the aforementioned Norton Security application will set you back a minimum of $45 per year—your Mac, no surprise The firewall in OS X is turned off by default. This might strike you as odd, because Apple is so keen on security. However, most computers no longer connect directly to the internet via a DSL Click Firewall . Click Turn Off . NOTE: You can set the Firewall to turn on again automatically after a preset time. A red bar appears at the top of your security product to indicate that your PC or Mac is at risk. Click PC Security (or Mac Security ), or click the gear icon at the top-right corner. When I click on this tile the Security Advisor app likewise shows that the firewall is off and says "Your device is at risk - turn on Firewall". When I click to turn on the firewall, however, Security Center says it is already on. I would like to know in the first instance whether the firewall is on or off and if off how to turn on and leave on.

I have a Netgear WNR2000v2 Router, I have been having problems connecting to the router from my wireless printer. Spoke to HP's Tech Support today and after several checks he needs to Turn Off the MAC Filtering on the Router so that he can do further tests tomorrow morning. I have the Routers usern

Click the Firewall tab to display the settings you see below. If your Mac’s firewall hasn’t yet been turned on, click the Turn On Firewall button to start the ball rolling. (In the above image, this button has toggled to Turn Off Firewall because your Mac’s firewall is already on.) Is the Turn On Firewall button disabled?