Jul 08, 2019

VPNs are great for protecting your privacy and seeping your data secure, but almost all VPNs come with one major downside: they slow down your internet connection. Many VPNs slow you down as much as 50%. This can make trying to stream a movie or have a video chat almost impossible. What causes a slow VPN connection? COVID-19 makes your Internet slow down? Real Problem Covid-19 forced people to stay at home and actively use their Wi-Fi network to the limit. As of this writing there are one billion broadband subscribers worldwide with an average of 15 connected devices per household. That’s a lot of routers. As the number of routers … 11 Ways to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi and Make Your Internet May 21, 2020 15 Reasons Why Your Computer is Slow - Techlicious The 15 most common reasons why your computer is so slow – and the simple measures anyone can take to make your desktop or laptop run faster. Internet Explorer: which makes a good case

Jul 31, 2013

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