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Jul 12, 2019 · The Internet Protocol Version 6 or IPv6, deals with all the communications protocol in your Windows 10 PC. In return, this can enable data communications by using a packet of a switched network. Things you need to know about IPv6 are that it is important for your PC network configuration. Aug 16, 2010 · The problem I was having is that the laptops would not connect to windows update once they were joined to our domain. All of our XP machines would update fine, so I figured it must be a windows 7 thing. however when I googled for answer all I found were comments about WSUS (which we do not use) and firewall settings. 2.1.- Enable / Disable IPv6: In Windows we have two alternatives to perform this process. One that can be done using the graphical interface and another made through the command line. Steps to follow using the Vista / Windows 7 / Server graphical interface: Go to Start -> Control Panel; We select Networks and Internet I have two servers both running Windows 2008 with IPV4 and IPV6 both running. If on server1 I ping server2 like this. ping server2 The response I get is . Pinging server2 [2002:9b08:a21::9b08:a21] However if I ping server2 from my local machine (Windows 7 with both IPV4 and IPV6 running) I get. Pinging server2 [] May 17, 2019 · That may be, but I have yet to have any problems since I started disabling it on all my systems years ago. Also as I mentioned in my post, once IPv6 becomes the standard and replaces IPv4 I will re-enable it and disable IPv4, but until that time comes it stays disabled, at least on my systems/devices because I have no use for it (as far as I know, my ISP isn't even set up for IPv6 support yet

Before you start. Objectives: Learn where and how to configure IPv6 properties in Windows 7. Prerequisites: you should know what is IPv6 and about different types of IPv6. Key terms: IPv6, address, network, configured, center, connection, link-local, bits, details, global-id

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Dec 07, 2012 · But in other PC (Windows 7 Professional and Windows XP professional), PC got two records from dns at first. Next, PC trying to access dual-stack sites with IPv6 address. Because there is no route to access dual-stack site with IPv6, IE 8 has some delay to acceess dual-stack sites(It is called 'Happy eyeballs' problem) (Ping also tying to access