The difference in latency should be the time to send one low priority packet. With a 100Mbps link, mtu=1500, that is roughly 150 us. My test system has two linux boxes connected by a crossover cable.

Jul 05, 2020 Optimizing Linux Memory Management for Low-latency / High 3) A little information on Linux, NUMA, and zone reclaim. Understanding how Linux handles NUMA architectures is crucial to understanding the root cause of our problem. Here are some excellent resources on Linux and NUMA: Jeff Frost: PostgreSQL, NUMA and zone reclaim mode on Linux. If you are pressed for time, this is the one you should read. Liquorix Kernel

Latency in Blob storage. 09/05/2019; 4 minutes to read; In this article. Latency, sometimes referenced as response time, is the amount of time that an application must wait for a request to complete.

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Check network connectivity using the ping command. The ping command is one of the most used …

ultra low latency screen sharing/streaming? : linuxquestions Hey guys, I have a "powerful" Linux/Windows Notebook (Acer V5-573g) and want to stream games to a screen attached to a cubieboard3 (aka cubietruck).That's a dual-core ARM dev board with 1GHz/2GB for you who don't know. Is it possible to stream Linux and/or Windows games without much latency? I think the network and screen latency plus 10ms are okay for me (in addition not more than 80ms?). Latency of Raspberry Pi 3 on Standard and Real-Time Linux Oct 03, 2017 Linux: Reducing Kernel Latency -