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The OBiTalk portal will register them and will also load the Google Voice settings, but these phones seem to fail connecting. They get the result: "Connect Failed: 403 Forbidden (server=" On the surface, it would appear that the OBi settings are effectively the same as the older OBiHai … Mango's Guide to Configuring an OBi100, OBi110, OBi202 Do you use an OBi100/OBi110 with Google Voice? The OBi1 series no longer works with Google Voice. Your options are to switch to one of the many dozens of compatible service providers, buy an OBi2, or build an Asterisk server based on naf's modifications. Do you want to configure your OBi2 or OBi3 for Google Voice without using the OBiTALK portal? How to Set up Google Voice on your OBI | Obihai Device Dec 14, 2018 Obihai OBi302 Manuals | ManualsLib We have 4 Obihai OBi302 manuals available for free PDF download: Administration Manual, Detailed Technical Specifications, Admin Manual Obihai OBi302 Administration Manual (202 pages) Voice Service Bridge and Terminal Adapter; Telephone Adapter and Voice Service Bridge; VoIP Phone Adapter with Router, 2-Phone Ports, T.38 Fax; VoIP Phone Adapter

OBi110 The Obi110 bridges your phones together, letting you make calls from a traditional phone handset, but using Google Voice, a mobile phone service, or other VoIP or telephone services.

Google Voice - OBiTALK

Dec 09, 2015

Swap your landline for Google Voice with an OBi - CNET Swap your landline for Google Voice with an OBi. Obihai Technologies VoIP bridges use Google to cut the cord and do away with phone bills completely. A CNET writer gives the OBi100 and OBi110 a shot. Incoming Phone Calls Problem via Google Voice - OBiTalk System OBiTalk 200, Google Voice, 2007 Cordless Phone w Voice Chip Answer ON. In the past year, when I get RECIEVE a phone call, My old pre-recorded standard greeting plays to leave a Voice Mail. Then a new pre-recorded greeting kicks in and says Press 1 to Speak and Press 2 to Leave a Voice Message. Google Voice (XMPP) support ends for OBi100/110 ATA users