Dns settings keep changing

Jun 12, 2018 · He recommends changing your DNS service to one of a handful of alternative options from either Google GOOG, +2.58%, security company Cloudflare, or Quad9 — a new DNS from the nonprofit Global

How to on hotspot in iphone

To turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and allow your Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to the internet using your mobile data connection, follow these steps: Locate and tap the "Settings" icon. NOTE: If Wi-Fi is enabled on your phone, you will need to disable it. To turn Wi-Fi OFF, slide the status bar down from the top of the Home screen.

Super bowl free streaming online

Some Ways To Watch The Super Bowl 2020. There is a way of options when it arises to watching the Super Bowl live. We outline the different ways to watch the Super Bowl. Super Bowl live streaming online. Basically, there are large of options these days when this game comes to streaming a televised affair without a TV.

Avast secureline vpn que es

Avast SecureLine VPN is 100% safe to use. But many free VPN services will sell your data to 3rd parties, place ads and videos into your browser, and slow down your internet connection. Avast SecureLine VPN will never compromise your user experience or privacy.

Pfsense web content filter

2019-11-7 · PfSense是一个基于FreeBSD,专为防火墙和路由器功能定制的开源版本。它被安装在计算机上作为网络中的防火墙和路由器存在,并以可靠性著称,且提供往往只存在于昂贵商业防火墙才具有的特 …

How to remove from google

Oct 23, 2019 · This way you have managed to remove any unwanted devices from your Google Home app, leaving you with a clear list of the ones you plan to use. Improving Your Smart Home. While on the subject of smart homes, here’s a couple of neat devices you can use with Google Home to make your life a bit easier. Eco4life Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Youtube ip adress

Go to that address, than scroll down to the input box and enter the IP address and hit the "Track IP, host, or website" button. Note that, yes, you can also just type in the URL for the site you want the location to, so if you don't need the site's IP, you can skip the command prompt steps.

Unblock us supported sites

May 08, 2019 · In more than one way, you may wonder on how to unblock websites you dearly miss to see. Before the sites blocking by the government, some sites can easily be accessed from your devices. Now that the restrictions get tighter over time, you may struggle to even access more than one websites.

System preferences sharing

tell application "System Preferences" activate set current pane to pane "com.apple.preference.sound" end tell the System Preference window will be shown to the user. I'd like to know if there is a way to do it in the background somehow, or at least keep the window minimized.

List of the best scary movies

Apr 19, 2019 · New Horror Movies 2019 - Best Thriller Scary Movie English New Horror Movies 2019 - Best Thriller Scary Movie English New Horror Movies 2019 - Best Thriller Scary Movie English New Horror Movies

Watch cbs live sports

Stream and watch live TV shows, sports events like NFL games, and over 12,000 on demand episodes without any delays in programming with CBS All Access